The Eternal Moment Bookstore - Toronto (Official)

Metro Toronto Convention Centre 

255 Front Street West

Toronto, On M5V 2X7

October 21, 22, 23, 2016

Whole Life Expo is Canada's largest showcase of natural health, alternative medicine and eco-friendly lifestyles. With 60 speakers and over 200 exhibitors, Whole Life Expo brings you the most comprehensive array of natural health products and services ever gathered under one roof. 

Organic Marketplace
  • Hot Vegetarian Meals; Raw Food Cuisines
  • Organic dairy, chocolate, and power bars
  • Fresh juices, snacks, teas, honey
  • Spices and flavours of ethnic cuisines
  • Free Samples; Show Specials; Discount Prices
Green Living Resources
  • Full Spectrum Lights; Infrared Saunas
  • Non-toxic products for the healthy home
  • Water and Air Purifiers, EMF Protection
  • Books, Conservation Strategies and Products
International, Crafts and Gifts
  • From Tibet, China, South America, Canada
  • Fair trade, natural fibre clothing and bedding
  • Crystals, Jewelry, Cards, Gifts, Handicrafts
  • Hundreds of health professionals offering treatments from A to Z
  • Exhibitors from across North America showcasing the latest herbs, vitamins, nutrients, and powerfoods
  • Kitchen appliances, pain relief products, orthopedics, juicers, cookware, and more

Weekend Exhibit Pass $10

Added Feature - Three lecture halls packed with top speakers.

Weekend Lecture Pass $15


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