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Meditation - A Poem

I soar serene etched in silent sky

encapsulated in impenetrable eternity

a hieroglyph legible to archaeologists of the soul


yet a quicksilver flash

to the uninitiated eye

I exist in this exquisite moment

quickly looking down to see my pale face

eyes closed

gazing inward

following my every move

body stirs, lips smile

stay longer she hints in anticipated pleasure

together we share the boundless dimensions of our selves

penetrating the Great Mystery

and exquisite drama

of our momentary lives

first published 2000 The Eternal Moment Bookstore Newsletter

Coypright The Eternal Moment Bookstore 1997-2014


War - A Poem

Men trot off to war

Fear and ideals in their hearts

Women watch

Had no idea the heart could sustain such pain

Deep, black, hollow chasm

The loneliness of eternity

That moment

Each son

Gives his mother sorrow

Each father

Shoves mortality in his child's face

Each husband

Abandons his wife for allegiance to his nation/bride

All are betrayed - new rules suddenly

Sunday dinner

A few short days ago

All laughed casually

Everyday lives, obeying all the rules

Men die, men are maimed

The death of our males brings no one honour. Eradification of anger misdirected. Energy expended.  All waste.  Mirrored in our society.

Smile at the sun.  All other joys are illusionary

first published The Eternal Moment Bookstore Newsletter

Copyright The Eternal Moment Bookstore 1997-2011


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