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 Genetic Engineers: We're Being Railroaded

In 1965 the genetic code was broken. Genetic "engineers" ran a new train down tracks of biotechnology, inserting the genes of one species into another, straight into the mega city which houses the policymakers of the second industrial revolution. They live benefiting from these profitable commodities.

It's been a short quarter of a century since the first gene was cloned in 1973. However, global investment in this fastest growing industry ever recorded in history, is now estimated at $40 billion. Think you're not affected? Think your local supermarket has the responsibility to advise you what products are genetically altered? Think again.

Not feeling your old self lately? New allergies, fatigued? It has only been ten years since the FDA approved the first bio-engineered food additive, recombinant renin, an enzyme to produce cheese, and it was only 1985 when the first "experimental use permit" was issued for small-scale environmental release of a genetically altered organism. Since then, there have been a multitude of plants engineered to carry certain viral and bacterial genes that have been released into the environment for field-testing. What are the long term effects in releasing such genetically engineered life forms? The answer is not known!

Micro-organisms and non-human animals are patentable subject matter. In 1988, the first patent was issued on a genetically engineered animal, instigating the move toward corporate monopoly of the world's genetic resources.

Do we now have the power to control and redirect the entire evolutionary process? Now that we have succeeded in inserting human genes into mice, cattle, pigs, salmon and sheep, can we guarantee these new creatures will not at some future date produce an unexpected interaction between species?

We have heartlessly disrupted the inherent nature of animals and nature's creative process. Nothing in nature acts in isolation, except humans.

Man-made laws have replaced Universal Laws and now nature may become as dysfunctional as the human species. Human beings play God, and have created their own Book of Revelations: the revelation of their ignorance and arrogance; the revelation of short-sighted profit motivated agendas; the revelation of a schizophrenic race of beings claiming they are benefiting nature without studying the effects in the unified which encompasses all, the revelation of displaced and exterminated wildlife species by competing livestock; the revelation of genetic imperialism and "eugenics", the creation of the 'perfect' human; the revelation that we are committing suicide because we will not co-evolve with nature.

The structure of DNA, our sacred blueprint, has been discovered. The future of creation is in our hands. Do we have the integrity and spiritual maturity to understand the ethics of altering life? It may be wise to call a trans-species truce until the rights of all sentient beings are honoured, or we may become remembered as "the human race, parasites who once roamed the earth's face".

First published 1999 in The Eternal Moment Bookstore Newsletter

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