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A Genetic Fairytale

 Once upon a time, in a town not too far from here, there lived a monopoly called Monfatso. Now this monopoly was not a bored game, though its objective was to own all the property and become banker by coveting the world's genetic resources.

Now, the crazed molecular biologist, Stuart Pid (Stu Pid for short), head of the research team in Monfatso's genetic laboratory, developed an evil plan that would make him rich and famous.

He schemed, "What if I created magic seeds that would die after harvest. That way farmers would have to come to me, year after year, to round up my magic seeds and magic herbicide. The whole world would depend on me for its food source, and I would become as God on the planet!" 

Now the personified thought form that was God in its eternal vastness, just happened to have its attention focused over that particular little town, on that particular fateful day, and heard its name vibrating through the ethers, and pondered, "What arrogance, what ignorance, what creature is this, who threatens to exterminate itself by putting its own food source in such peril?"

The personified energy field that was called God, looked down with faceless eyes, perceived a small man with a lopsided brain and tunnel vision. However, the light at the end of his tunnel was a blinking neon dollar sign, a beacon to many confused souls who shared the earth at this period in history.

So, the word which appears on this page as GOD, decided to keep a watchful eye on the stupid entity that was speaking such nonsense in what certainly had to be a deluded state of awareness.

Now, Stu Pid knew he could proceed full steam ahead with his plan because he did not have to answer to anyone. There were no established regulations about such things, and the regulations that did exist, could be over rided because Monfatso, who knew how to build big neon signs, was sleeping with everyone and had taken photos. (You can imagine how the ramifications could be very embarrassing).

Off to the lab Stu went, and in his creative genius began to develop the perfect food source, a super grain that would feed the world and make him rich. He began to splice genes with abandon:

  • a bacterial gene to kill insect pests
  • a fish gene to extend the growing season into cold weather
  • a human gene to enhance the immune system
  • a giraffe gene for taller crops
  • an eagle gene to improve eyesight
  • a spinach gene to boost iron content
  • a walrus gene to increase protein content
  • a lion gene to promote hair growth
  • a crocodile gene to promote stronger teeth without flouride
  • an ostrich gene to develop long, strong legs
  • a cheshire cat gene to enhance beautiful smiles
On and on he went, splicing genes and modifying his super grain until he used just about the best quality from every species possible. Huge fields of super grain were planted, not exactly in secret, but not advertised either.

The government knew of course, since Monfatso paid hugh sums of money for "experimental use permits" and "look like you're following the rules permits", etc. etc.

Now, the people could find the location of these plots of grain under The Freedom of Information Act, if they paid large sums of money. However, the people were poor and trusted that the Government was acting in their best interest. Many years went by, and the super grain was an enormous success. It was introduced into grocery stores without public knowledge, and everyone who ate the super grain in all its varied forms, raved about how good everything tasted. People were growing taller, had nicer legs, super smiles, whiter teeth, thicker hair and improved vision. The world was good. Stu Pid lived in a glorious mansion. Monfatso stocks soared. It wasn't until, oh say, 50 years had passed, that subtle changes began to occur, slowly but surely, as the older generation passed away. The impossible became apparent: not only in the human race, but in the animal kingdom as well.

Soon, every newborn, of every species, looked alike. There were no differences!

A human, a cat, a bird, all looked alike!!

Genes mutated into a single new species. ONE species had inadvertently been created. The species barrier had been crossed. You see, what Stu Pid and all his cohorts had not foreseen, was that all DNA is interconnected and that viruses and microbes will ultimately grow and evolve. They have their own agenda to survive. Every human and animal had been exposed to the super gain and, therefore, had mutated. So, somewhere in a little town, on a little planet not unlike our very own, universal harmony had been achieved. They literally became one.

However, by becoming one race, they had also eliminated their food chain, and some secretly reverted to cannibalism, but that's another story.

So the powers that BE, in compassionate wisdom, manifested a world-wide flood, hoping that through great destruction, bio-diversity could be re-established, but, that too is another story.

First published in 2002 - The Eternal Moment Bookstore Newsletter
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